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Tom Elliott’s take on the Clementine Ford controversy

Tom Elliott says Clementine Ford has set feminism back a century after she wrote the coronavirus “wasn’t killing men fast enough” on social media.

The radical commentator, who is no stranger to controversy, has since issued an apology, of sorts.

But Tom Elliott isn’t buying it, saying the “man-hater” had form in the area.

“She is the worst sort of feminist – she puts her cause backwards,” he said.

“Most women I know would have nothing to do with her.

“As for men? Why would we? After all, she wants us dead.”

The City of Melbourne has come under fierce scrutiny as a result, given it issued Ford with a grant worth thousands of dollars to write a book.

“What on earth were they doing?” Tom Elliott said.

“How did they think she was the right person to give ratepayers money to.

“It wasn’t like they woke up on the weekend and saw she put something rude on Twitter – she’s been doing it for years.”

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