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Tom Elliott’s warning for Daniel Andrews after weekend ‘wake-up’ call

Tom Elliott has a warning for the Premier ahead of next year’s election.

It follows Saturday’s “wake-up call” in Northcote.

The 3AW Drive host said Daniel Andrews had a choice to make.

“You can continue down the stupid path of trying to out-Green the Greens, but you’ll never win that battle,” Tom Elliott said.

“People who want to vote Green, will vote for the real Greens, not the Labor party.

“Or you could focus on ‘real’ issues that affect ‘real’ Australians.

“The sorts of issues that affect working class battlers that the Labor party used to claim to represent.”

Tom Elliott said those issues included escalating power prices, congestion on the roads and public transport, as well as law and order.

“If he focuses on those things, then Daniel Andrews will probably win the next election,” Tom said.

“But if he sits there trying to out-Green the Greens, then disaster awaits.”

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