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Tony Abbott defeated — but he has ‘good news’ and big smile


Independent Zali Stegall has prised the Sydney seat of Warringah from the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

But the former Prime Minister has a beaming smile.

Warringah has been a safe Liberal seat since 1972, but a strong swing prompted Mr Abbott to concede early in the evening.

But he did so in a jubilant fashion, because it appears the Coalition is on track to form a minority government.

“Tonight we have good news and bad news,” he told the crowd.

“The good news is much more important than the bad news.

“The good news is there’s every chance the Coalition has won this election!”

Liberal youngster James Paterson told Neil Mitchell that Mr Abbott may have been out of touch with his community.

“I don’t like listening to that Neil, it’s a bit like hearing your parents fight, it’s not very nice.” Mr Paterson said after hearing Julia Bishop’s reaction to Mr Abbott’s defeat.

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“I think clearly, his electorate has moved in a way he hasn’t,” Mr Paterson continued.

“I think there’s something happening in this inner-city traditionally safe Liberal seats … where a lot of the voters are post-material.

“They are so wealthy that material concerns are not a concern for them anymore, they’re more interested in non-material things like the environment, like same-sex marriage and a lot of those things.”