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DEBATE: The bold new plan to eliminate youth prisons

Image credit: @VCOSS

The Victorian Council of Social Service is pushing for an end to youth jails, saying they don’t work.

They propose replacing the centres with community-based intervention and rehabilitation.

VCOSS president, Emma King, told Tony Jones it’s the current system doesn’t work.

But Tony argued victims were forgotten in that

Tony Jones: You make it sound like they (the child offenders) are the victims.

Emma King: In many case they are.

Tony Jones: No, they’re not the victims. The victims are the ones at the receiving end of their horrible crimes.

Emma King: That’s exactly right. But also Tony, if you’re a young child who’d been in out-of-home care, who’s dropped out of the education system for a whole lot of things, then your life isn’t looking too good either.

Tony Jones: Yeah and that can also be an excuse.

Emma King: My point is, let’s be preventative, let’s actually look at how we give young people the best start.

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