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Tony Jones debates Tourism Minister over Apple megastore


Tourism Minister John Eren has failed to convince Tony Jones that allowing Apple to build it’s fifth flagship building at Federation Square is a good idea in a spirited debate on 3AW this morning.

“It’s been playing on my mind since the news broke yesterday,” TJ said.

“I reckon after some teething problems in the early days of Federation Square, it really has become a much-loved part of the city.

“The Queen and Prince Phillip strolled through Fed Square — how would that be, have the Queen stroll through and you’ve got this bloody Apple logo towering over you.

“It’s also a place to reflect; we’ve mourned as one at Federation Square.”

And TJ is not alone.

Daniel Andrews has been lashed on his own Facebook page over the move, with many voters accusing the government of falling for the dollar, and lacking consultation.

But Mr Eren dismissed the concerns.

“Oh c’mon, it’s not that bad,” he scoffed.

TONY JONES: “For a lot of people Fed Square has become the heart and soul of the city, and you’ve sold the soul.”

JOHN EREN: “That’s totally inaccurate. That’s your opinion.”

The Minister went on to suggest Apple deserved pride of place in a public space because their products are omnipresent in our lives.

This is also didn’t convince Tony.