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Tony Jones takes a bat to Australia’s cricketers

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Tony Jones says Australia’s cricketers are playing a dangerous game, believing they’ll lose public support the longer the pay dispute goes on with Cricket Australia.

The leading sports journalist, filling in for Neil Mitchell as host of 3AW Mornings, said the players were beginning to look “a little greedy” in the eyes of fans.

“The longer this goes on, the more that opinion will gain traction,” Jones said on Tuesday.

“These cricketers are very, very well paid.

“I just think cricketers don’t live in the real world.

“It’s all very well flying around the place, living in hotels and hitting a ball with a bat and what have you.

“But chuck them in a factory in a week or two and it might be a real wake-up call.”

He spoke with Michael Brown a former General Manager of Cricket Australia, who said he was surprised the relationship had become so strained.

Caller Sherrin then hit Tony Jones with both barrels for his “uninformed” opinion.

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