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Tony Parsons adamant red flags couldn’t have been spotted in Bourke Street terrorist’s criminal history

Drug Court Magistrate Tony Parsons says it’s “highly unlikely” red flags could’ve been spotted in Bourke Street terrorist Hassan Shire Ali’s criminal history.

Despite facing several driving offences, the 30-year-old still recently had his bail extended.

Speaking to Tom Elliott on Friday afternoon, Mr Parsons stressed communication was key when it came to identifying individuals who pose a risk in the community.

“I really do think it needs to be stated pretty clearly – it’s very unlikely that anybody would’ve spotted a red flag in this guy’s conduct to avert last week’s tragedy,” he said.

“Driving offences are common, everyone picks one up sooner or later.

“In the day-to-day operations of the court, these minor traffic (offences) really are the least concerning of all the work that we do.”

He said a number of Shire Ali’s offences were only typically punishable with a fine, rather than jail time.

“With these low-level offences, the usual outcome is the person throws their hands up when they’re dragged before the magistrate,” he said.

“They enter pleas of guilty to all the charges and end up getting a fine or some other disposition.

“Why on earth the local authorities wouldn’t have been advised of a passport cancellation is beyond me.”

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