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‘Too long’: Busted booze buses to miss long weekend blitz

Six of Victoria’s 10 new booze buses remain out of action as the long weekend road safety blitz begins today.

Victoria Police first revealed the faulty buses had been taken off road in April.

Weeks later, Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane has told Neil Mitchell they’re a long way from being fixed.

“It may be a number of months, sadly Neil; It looks like a bigger problem than maybe we thought,” he said.

“It’s been too long.

“I think we’ve got a plan to push the pace over the next couple of weeks.

“At the moment we’re still working out the costs; we’re hoping the taxpayer doesn’t incur any costs.”

Nonetheless, Mr Leane said he expects an increased police presence on the roads this weekend as Victoria’s road toll continues it’s disturbing year-on-year growth.

2019 ROAD TOLL: 144
SAME TIME 2018: 89

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