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Toorak jewellery store manager shies away from being called a hero after chasing armed robbers

A Toorak jewellery store manager who chased away armed offenders in a ‘bold, brazen’ daylight robbery says he took a bet the gun pointed in his face was fake.

Steven, who shied away from being called a hero, managed to push one of the offenders and chased the men armed with a machete, gun and hammer out of the store.

‘I suppose I didn’t want them to get the best of me,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

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He said they were shocked when he hurled abuse at them to get out of the store.

‘It was very unpleasant thing, we shouldn’t have to go through it,’ he said.

One of the owners of IMP Jewellery, Dennis Kelleway, said Steven was amazingly brave for shielding and protecting his colleagues.

He said the police were ‘sensational’ but the disturbing incident showed the need for the crime wave gripping Melbourne to be taken seriously.

‘We haven’t been a society that has been familiar with home invasions and carjackings,’ he said.

‘I’m so lucky someone wasn’t hurt.’

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