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Toothpaste as hair gel? Coat hangers as aerials?

Ross and John have been busy compiling a list for things that are used for purposes other than that for which they were intended for.

John told 3AW Breakfast it all started with a conversation about baseball bats and balaclavas – If you purchased both no one would assume “you’re about to play baseball and Mawson Base”.

The boys put the call out to you and here’s some of the best ones we got.

  • CDs in fruit trees to prevent birds ruining the crops.
  • A brick to keep the door open.
  • The Royal Family are the highest paid soap opera in the world.
  • Pantyhose to clean anything and everything.
  • Coat hangers as aerials.
  • Nugget boot polish as mascara.
  • Toothpaste as hair gel.
  • Paperclips to pick locks
  • The Monash Freeway is used as a car park.

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