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Top cop reveals how many Victorians have received $4957 on-the-spot fines

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has revealed how many Victorians have been whacked with the largest on-the-spot fines in the state.

Last month, a harsh new $4957 penalty was introduced for those caught flouting self-isolation rules.

Mr Patton told Neil Mitchell “around 40 odd” $4957 fines have been handed out for quarantine and self-isolation breaches.

Last week, when restrictions were eased in regional Victoria, the same fine was introduced for Melburnians caught travelling to regional areas without a valid reason.

“We gave out seven I think in the first day and a half, and since we’ve given out more … somewhere between 10 and 20 something,” Mr Patton said.

Victoria’s top cop said he’s noticed an increase in the number of mental health episodes police are attending.

“Each day, when I check the reports from across the state and see what’s been occurring, it seems, anecdotally, that my members are attending a lot more incidents where we do have mental health issues. People are feeling the pressures a lot more,” he said.

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(Image: Victoria Police)