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Top traffic cop wants officers conducting more than 50 breath tests per shift

Victoria Police’s top traffic cop wants to see his members undertaking more breath tests than ever this long weekend, in the wake of the fake tests scandal that has engulfed the organisation.

Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer told Neil Mitchell every available officer will be out on the roads to conduct at least 50 tests per shift.

“I’d them to do more than 50, I’d like them to do as many as possible in the time they have,” he said.

Neil asked the Assistant Commissioner if he thought in retrospect, the quotas were too high.

“I don’t Neil.

“And they’re not quotas, they’re targets.”

NM: Who set those quotas?

DF: I’m part of that, my command is part of that.

NM: There’s no doubt they could do it without faking?

DF: Absolutely they could.

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“The optimum for road safety is one test per driver per year and we’ve got four and a half million riders or drivers that we aim to test,” Ass. Commissioner Fryer said.