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Top trends: The internet’s pockets of positivity amid coronavirus crisis

What’s trending online at the moment?

Well, it’s a bit grim, to be honest.

But amid the COVID-19 content are pockets of positivity that can uplift, inspire and help you be more productive in these challenge times.


Be inspired by humanity by watching videos of the UK stopping at 8PM to applaud its health workers

Learn to be mindful

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but what if it’s yours?

Don’t go iso-insane wondering. There’s lots of meditation and mindfulness podcasts on the internet that all work for different people.

If you want somewhere to start, we recommend Hammer’s episode called ‘Focusing On Ourselves With Lovingkindness

Go for a swim

For many people, heaven is the cooling touch of the ocean or favourite swimming hole, or the weightlessness at the local pool.

Isolation makes that hard, and so a website that was created in 2014 is now experiencing high levels of traffic.

Body Of Water is more of an experience than a website, and uses beautiful images, music and narration that will speak to those that love a dip.


Feed your brain with a free online course at one of the world’s leading universities.

The Ivy League unis of the US have opened up hundreds of free courses across several disciplines.

Learn more here.


Google Earth allows you to explore 31 of the US’s national parks, and see why the parks are often said to be “America’s best idea”.

Chill with the animals

Melbourne Zoos have set up webcams so you can enjoy #AnimalsAtHome.

The Kindness Pandemic Facebook page

People can be really nice, and a Melbourne woman is keeping track!

Catherine Barrett set up The Kindness Pandemic, eight days ago, and the group now has more than 300,000 members.