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Tow truck driver accidentally tows a car with a young child asleep in the back

A call to The Rumour File made us aware of a scary incident involving a tow truck and a child.

A car had been towed from a clearway in Coburg with the tow truck driver unaware there was a three year old child inside.

The incident happened last last week on Sydney Road.

WATCH the moment the child was towed below

The child’s parents reportedly called police believing their car had been stolen and their child kidnapped.

Mark Beverage, operations manager from Nationwide Towing and Transport believes the tow truck driver didn’t do anything wrong.

He’s told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell the driver got 15 minutes down the road before receiving the frantic call.

‘He’s was very upset by this, he’s got children around the same age, very distraught.’ 

Click PLAY below to hear Neil Mitchell’s chat with the towing company