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Tradies over-represented in drug and alcohol-fuelled collisions on the Mornington Peninsula

The number of alcohol and drug-fuelled road accidents has skyrocketed on the Mornington Peninsula, and tradies are over-represented in the figures.

Victoria Police Superintendant Adrian White blamed “a combination of speed, drug and alcohol impaired driving, and inattention and risky behaviour” for the rise in road deaths.

“We do have a problem,” he admitted to Neil Mitchell.

So far this year 10 people have been killed on Mornington Peninsula roads, up from five deaths for the entire year last year.

Superintendent White said tradies and people between 19 and 44 are involved in a greater number of accidents, but that may be due to time spent on the roads.

“The fact is they’re probably on the road more, but they are certainly over-represented,” he said.

Police are today launching a new crackdown on risky driving in the region, with an increased police presence in the area and more roadside drug and alcohol testing.

“We just really need to do something a little bit more,” Superintendent White said.

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