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Tradies targeted in latest Melbourne crime spree

Melbourne tradies are calling for a crack down on the second-hand tool market, saying their utes and tools are easy targets for brazen thieves.

It follows the latest incident where a tradie was knocked out and his van and tools stolen overnight.

Electrician Frank Ascenzo was working at a school in Balaclava when he was attacked from behind about 4pm yesterday.

“I didn’t even know it was coming,” Frank told Neil Mitchell.

“I just found myself on the ground, I got up and saw my car driving away.”

Police found Frank’s van but it is a write off.

Frank’s boss Cody Whelan said pawn shops should refuse tools if there is a possibility they might be stolen goods.

“They took all the tools out of my van last year,” Cody said.

“It’s too easy for them to sell off tradies tools.”

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3AW Mornings was then inundated with callers detailing similar stories.

Rocko said his son’s vehicle was broken into over the weekend, but luckily the alarm sounded and the thieves didn’t get the chance to take anything.

Gary said he had $20,000 worth of tools stolen last year and later found them for sale in NSW.

Janette said her grandson has had his tools stolen twice and he’s only an apprentice, one robbery at a worksite and the second at his house.

It follows a similar incident last week where a tradie watched a brazen thief drive away in his new ute from a Greenvale worksite.