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Tram derails and slams into Kew house


A man has emerged unscathed after a tram derailed and smashed into his bedroom at Kew.

The dramatic incident happened just after 11pm on Monday night.

A car collided with a tram on High Street, near Childers Street, which saw the tram come off its tracks and run over a gas main and then into the house.

A man was in bed when the tram slammed into his bedroom, but he miraculously escaped unharmed.

The female driver of the car was trapped briefly before being taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Nobody on the tram was hurt.

The power and gas had to be shut down while the tram was removed from the scene.

Sadi lives nearby and told 3AW News he was still amazed the home owner hadn’t been seriously hurt.

‘It was just a very surreal experience just looking at somebody that by all other standards should have been dead, really,’ he said.