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Tram ferals throw soup at injured woman

An injured woman has had hot soup thrown at her for telling two people to stop smoking on a tram this morning.

Meg (pictured above, image via Twitter), who is on crutches with a broken leg, told Ross and John she initially alerted Yarra Trams authorities via Twitter.

But the situation turned nasty when attempts were made to boot the two smokers off the tram.

‘This man and woman started screaming and called me a dog and mongrel and swearing – things I won’t say on-air,’ an understandably still flustered Meg said.

‘It’s awful, I’ve walked into work in tears.’

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The pair, before getting on another tram, threw frozen coke through the window, hitting a group of girls.

Meg praised the actions of Yarra Trams staff, especially the tram driver.