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Neil Mitchell calls for changes after shocking tram v truck smash

14 people have been taken to hospital following a shocking a crash between a truck and a tram in Royal Park.

Paramedics treated a total of 29 people.

Incredibly, none of the patients are in a critical condition.

The truck ended up on its side following the collision, and the tram was derailed.

Herald Sun transport reporter Andrew Jefferson was on the tram when it crashed and captured the aftermath in photos published below.

He told Neil Mitchell there are head and chest injuries.

The cause of the accident is not yet clear, but the truck driver told Jefferson

Ambulance Victoria’s Paul Holman told Neil Mitchell the Parkville incident has been a problem spot – “and I think today’s pretty evident we’ve had a near miss”.

NEIL MITCHELL: I think it’s pretty clear we need to have a serious look at that intersection.