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Transgender debate: Pediatrician claims law changes will ‘damage lives’, infuriating mother

Victorians may soon be able to change the gender on their birth certificate without having to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

A bill will be introduced to parliament today, which would bring Victoria in line with several other states and territories.

Even children will be able to change their details with parental and medical approval.

But Professor of Pediatrics John Whitehall, a critic of a similar move in New South Wales, has told Neil Mitchell it will damage lives.

“I think this is a propaganda victory for the delusion that gender is fluid and that there’s no such thing or entities as boys or girls,” he said. “That can lead to a pathway of social affirmation.”

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But the mother of a transgender child said she doesn’t understand why anyone would oppose the plan.

Mandy told Neil Mitchell it’s the best thing that happened to her son.

“What does it matter to everyone else?” she asked.

“I don’t usually get involved in stuff, we keep our heads down, but this really makes me mad that people are butting in with something that doesn’t really concern them.

“At 13 my child was depressed, wouldn’t come out of his room, wouldn’t go to school … and now I have an A+ student who is thriving.

“He’s gone from a depressed, suicidal child to a blossoming young man.

“I just don’t understand the furore.”

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