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Transport Minister Jacinta Allan responds to issues over E-Class trams

Transport Minister Jacinta Allan has hosed down concerns over Melbourne’s new $300 million fleet of E-Class trams.

But she admitted on 3AW Mornings there were issues that needed ‘smoothing out’.

It follows details of a review which revealed passengers on the new trams.were being toppled at an alarming rate during acceleration and braking.

Ms Allan told Tony Jones drivers were being re-trained and engineers were looking into it.

But she said it’s nothing to worry about.

‘Our E-Class trams are safe,’ she assured commuters on 3AW.

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Norman told Tony Jones he’d driven trams for eight years before retiring 18 months ago.

He said drivers were under increasing pressure to meet timetables and performance indicators.

He said Myki had also slowed the system.

‘If everybody is on the tram, you close the doors and go,’ Norman explained on 3AW Mornings.

‘The pressure comes from up above.’

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