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Transurban boss won’t apologise for CityLink alleged ‘rip-off’

The head of Transurban says he won’t apologise for CityLink, following allegations the company is making profits from the fees it charges motorists.

CityLink is not meant to make profit from E-Tag fees, it’s only meant to cover costs.

Documents leaked to The Age showed nationally in 2016, Transurban charged its customers fees totalling $147 million, about 7.5 per cent of its revenue.

Victorian Group Executive for Transurban Wes Ballantine denied the company was ripping off customers.

“No far from it,” he said.

“All those fees and charges are heavily scrutinised.

“A lot of those numbers were flagrantly misrepresented.”

Mr Ballantine and Neil also touched on a number of topics in the wide-ranging interview including:

  • The utility policy could be reviewed, which sees utes charged the same as light commercial vehicles to use Citylink. “It’s something I agree causes confusion and probably should be looked at.”
  • Transurban are keen to get speed limit back up to 100km/hr on the Monash. “We’re trying to get it up to 100 as much as we possibly can.”
  • That East-West link will be built one day. “I think in some shape or another there will be an east-west crossing of the city.”

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