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‘Traumatised’ 14-year-old boy bashed by group of African youths in a park

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A 14-year-old boy has been left with black eyes and stitches in his face after being confronted by a group of African youths in a park on Saturday night.

Tracey Oliver said her son Andrew, 14, and a friend were walking through a park in Karingal, in Melbourne’s south-east, when a group of up to 10 youths stopped and threatened them.

“The boys are just traumatised,” Tracey said.

Andrew told Tony Jones he pleaded with the group to stop.

“I just heard them punching into my mate and I was like, ‘Stop, please stop it’,” Andrew said.

Tracey said Andrew’s friend was surrounded by six youths, “of African appearance” and beaten up.

“They made a mess of him, he just looked terrible.

“Two blackened, swollen, blood-filled eyes and stitches in his face, a busted lip, his whole face was up like a balloon.”

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Police later confirmed with 3AW Mornings they are investigating the incident as an armed robbery.

Investigators have been told two 14-year-old boys, both from Carrum Downs, were approached by a group of youths on Ashleigh Avenue, one of whom was armed with a box cutter, about 9.30pm.

The youths, perceived as African in appearance, grabbed a satchel containing a mobile phone from one of the boys, as well as his jumper.

He was then kicked and punched, sustaining minor injuries, and was taken to hospital for observation.

The group also took a jumper and hat from the second boy, who was not assaulted.

No arrests have been made at this stage.

tony jones