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‘Very, very cheap’ domestic flights expected in coming weeks, but not to all destinations

Travellers are expected to score bargain price flights in coming weeks, amid speculation that state borders will reopen to tourists from mid-July.

Tourism insiders expect the national cabinet will come together to open state borders at the same time, allowing airlines to resume domestic services.

Co-founder of Australian Traveller Media, Quentin Long, says prices will drop sharply after that announcement to stimulate demand.

“Aviation prices are really determined by supply and demand … to get things going they’re going to have to stimulate demand. To do that they’re going to use price as a main weapon, so highly discounted airfares,” he told Ross and John.

But flights to some locations aren’t likely to be included in the cheap flight boom.

“If it’s a leisure destination it’s going to be very, very cheap, if it’s more a business destination it’ll be much more ‘wait and see’,” Mr Long said.

“The major hubs of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, flying between those won’t be as cheap as flying from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, or Melbourne to Cairns.”

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