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Trees for goats: A novel way to dispose of your unwanted Christmas tree

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An animal sanctuary has come up with a novel idea to dispose of Christmas leftovers, which will benefit both the animals and humans.

Edgars Mission Animal Sanctuary in Lancefield is calling for people to drop off their Christmas trees for the goats.

Founder and director of Edgars Mission, Pam Ahern, said she started the initiative to save trees from landfill.

“A lot of Christmas trees end up in landfill and we thought that was really quite sad,” she told 3AW’s Kate Stevenson and Tony Leonard, filling in for Ross and John.

“Our goats love, love lots of trees and branches to eat,” Ms Ahern said.

“They will even eat the bark on it.

“It’s quite funny watching the tree just shrink down to this bare skeleton of a branch!”

There is a drop off point for trees outside the sanctuary, at 81 Bridies Lane, Lancefield.

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Image: Joel Sharpe

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