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Tribunal saves ‘violent’ recidivist from deportation for ‘fair-minded’ Australians

A Brazilian man jailed for four years over the 2013 armed robbery of the Randwick Racecourse in Sydney has been saved from deportation because an appeals tribunal member said “fair-minded” Australians would want it that way.

Pedro Fernandes had been ordered to leave the country, but the Herald Sun‘s Keith Moore told Ross and John the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s deputy president, James Constance, overturned the decision from the office of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

In giving his decision, Mr Constance said Fernandes’s crimes involved “violent offending, dishonesty, domestic violence, drug use and an alcohol-related driving offence”, Moore reported.

But he said the views of a section of media commentators do not reflect those of the Australian community.

“This bloke hasn’t been given one more chance,” Moore said.

“He kept offending. He kept offending when he was out on parole.”

It’s not yet clear Mr Dutton will appeal the decision.

“The AAT is doing this so often that the minister has to consider taxpayers’ money,” Moore explained.

“He obviously does it in the worst cases … but he can’t do it on every one of the cases.”

Ross: “I think that the fact you’ve written this, Keith, will ensure he does.”

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