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‘Chaos’: 000, EFTPOS and traffic lights all links to Telstra outage

Macquarie National News

A major technical failure has affected the Triple Zero emergency call system nation-wide.

Ross and John revealed the Telstra cable issue also resulted in disruptions to the traffic light system.

And Neil Mitchell has been swamped with callers reporting EFTPOS outages across Melbourne, with some shoppers being told it is also related to the Telstra cable sissues.

Some Foxtel services have also been affected.

“Could this chaos really all relate to one cable in NSW?”
– Neil Mitchell

The Triple Zero issue is being described as intermittent and anyone needing police, ambulance or fire assistance is still urged to call Triple Zero in the first instance.

Telstra says services are progressively being returned to normal, after a technical fault says some triple zero calls not getting through.

The company says a cable cut between Orange and Bowral caused interruptions to phone services around the country.

They say the damage, pictured below, is consistent with a lightning strike.

People should ring 000 first in all instances, but if they can’t get through they should try again or dial your local police station.

Macquarie National News