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True crime television may be causing kids to feel afraid and have a long lasting impact

The influx of true crime television shows into the family-friendly 7pm timeslot, may have a long lasting impact on kids.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, Senior Lecturer in developmental psychology at Macquarie University, Wayne Warburton, is concerned true-crime television may be causing kids to feel afraid.

‘When you look at true crime shows…there’s plenty in them for kids to be afraid of’

Mr Warburton said there needs to be some respect shown to the fact kids will be watching.

‘I don’t like the kind of creep back towards these earlier 6:30 – 7 o’clock timeslots, I do think when you’re looking around the 6:30-8 o’clock timeslot…you have to place some respect to the fact that a lot of kids will be watching’

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