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Trump, wealth and animals: Neil Mitchell’s unconventional interview with Jean-Claude van Damme

He’s a famously tricky interview subject who once walked out on an Australian breakfast TV program.

So when Neil Mitchell saw a chance to interview Hollywood action star Jean-Claude van Damme, he wanted help to ensure he covered interesting ground without agitating one of the world’s most famous kickboxers.

He asked the audience for help and it certainly took us in some interesting directions, including:

On Donald Trump as President…

I think he’s trying like hell to make America better.

I’m not an American person … but if you’re an American citizen then I think, maybe I’m wrong, then logically you should embrace men like that because he’s trying his best to make America great.

On being rich…

You work almost non-stop. You have almost no friends.

On loving animals…

I’m very sensitive in terms of loving the animals because it’s kind of a mix of DNA.

What I mean by that — they have DNA, we have DNA. They have eyes, we have eyes. Some people only understand the world of frequency, which is frequency of love, frequency of fear, frequency of what we don’t see but we feel.

So I believe when I see an animal I have a connection to him, for sure, because when I go into a room and you have a dog he come right away to me because I am open to intuition  and I am open to a different type of dialogue, which is that we have feeling.

But when I see animals be hurt, I don’t know what is happening to me, Sir. I am getting distraught.

I can not see an animal being beaten in front of me.

You understand? I don’t know why I’m so sensitive to animals.

I’m so sorry about this but it is my life.

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