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‘Tsunami of job losses’ headed for Australia if crucial contract goes overseas

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is concerned about a ‘tsunami of job losses’ if a crucial shipbuilding contract goes overseas.

The Federal Government has decided the $2 billion supply ship contract will go to either Spain or South Korea, but Mr Xenophon told Neil Mitchell the Australian industry can handle the job.

‘They’ve got some good ideas that aren’t that expensive, but so far the Abbott government wasn’t listening,’ Mr Xenophon said on Tuesday.

‘I’m hoping a Turnbull government will.’

Mr Xenophon said Malcolm Turnbull will bring a different leadership style, but that in itself won’t bring about substantive change.

‘If the policies are still the same, the answer will still be the same from the crossbench.’

LISTEN: Nick Xenophon speaks to Neil Mitchell on Tuesday