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Tuesday it was a FREE tram, Wednesday… We have a free TRAIN!

Nick McCallum

There’s a free train up for grabs…

The catch?

You’ve got to pick it up yourself – and it won’t be cheap!

Purdy Sheedy’s parents are ready to part ways with the old first class carriage, telling 3AW’s Nick McCallum it will be a sad goodbye.

“My parents purchased it in 1984 … I was about three-years-old,” she said.

“They bought the property and needed a way to live on it and my mum didn’t want to live in a caravan.”

Purdy’s parents bought the 1907 train carriage for $500 and the family lived in it for 18 months.

If you’re interested in this train or the tram from Tuesday, send an email to:

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This vintage tram is up for grabs!

Nick McCallum