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Turnbull tells Neil Mitchell internal criticism is Jones pandering

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has told Neil Mitchell the Deputy Premier of NSW has called on him to quit in a bid to cosy up to Alan Jones.

Nationals Leader John Barilaro told the 2GB broadcaster “my view is Turnbull should give Australians a Christmas gift and go before Christmas”.

It has fueled speculation several Federal Coalition MPs think Mr Turnbull’s time is up.

But Mr Turnbull today told Neil Mitchell Barilaro was simply feathering his own nest.

“I think what’s going on is he’s on with Alan Jones, and he’s just trying to ingratiate himself with Alan, telling him what he wants to hear,” the PM said.

Neil: Hang on, the Deputy Premier of NSW says the Prime Minister should quit and it’s Alan Jones’s fault?

PM: No, no — I’m not saying it’s Alan Jones’s fault at all. I’m just saying I think that’s what Barilaro is doing. If that was a serious view he held, you would think he would speak to me directly.

Neil: You would, but he’s not alone. This is a view being expressed privately by a lot of people, you would be aware of that?

PM: Well, they’re not expressing it privately to me.

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