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TV racing battle: latest ratings raise more questions than answers

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TV’s new racing ratings battle got off to a fascinating start on Saturday, with The Golden Eagle on Channel 7 out-rating the time-honoured Derby at Flemington.

It was broadcast on Channel 10, who recently reclaimed the rights to Cup week.

While Channel 10 won comfortably in Melbourne, 254,643 people watched The Golden Eagle, nationally, compared with 233,780 people watching the Derby at Flemington.

481,740 watched the Derby on Channel 7 last year.

There was also a major drop in the all-day coverage, with 150,980 people watching Derby Day on 10.

That figure was 323,498 on Channel 7 last year.

It led to several questions on 3AW Breakfast.

Is racing on the nose with the public? Are viewers still drawn to iconic broadcaster Bruce McAvaney? Or has the spread of coverage – three free-to-air channels showed horse racing on Saturday – diluted the numbers?

A trend quickly emerged on the talk back line.

“We just didn’t even know it was on Channel 10?” caller Kerrie told Ross and John.

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3aw breakfast