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TV WITH JANE: Jane Holmes reviews ‘Hoges’ on 3AW Mornings

The reviews are in for the Channel 7’s Paul Hogan mini-series ‘Hoges’, and they’re not all gleaming. 

3AW’s Jane Holmes tells Neil Mitchell their heart was in the right place, but doesn’t know why they did it.

‘Oh Neil… Oh dear, oh dear, crikey! It wasn’t what I was hoping for to say the least.’

‘You can’t take your eyes off his wig… and his nasal voice!’ says Jane. 

3AW listener Michelle says she’s not happy but will continue watching, ‘It didn’t quite hit the mark.’ 

‘There’s no gags, no gags, just a little bit of a tickle!’

Guest reviewer Emily says, ‘I really wanted to love it. 

‘I’m going to stick with it, because we’re getting to get to the juicer bits.’

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