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NSW deputy police chief’s message for border residents as two arrested at checkpoints

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NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys has urged border residents with passes not to abuse their travel rights, as he revealed two people have been arrested by police at the Victoria-NSW border.

A 34-year-old driver with Victorian plates reportedly told police he intended to cross the border, despite not having a permit.

Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police, Gary Worboys, said the driver abused police and refused to confirm their identity.

“Police couldn’t get an identity, weren’t comfortable with the right identity, and then of course there was an interaction with police that really isn’t called for,” he said.

The person was arrested and is in police custody in Albury.

A second person was arrested at the border crossing on a drug related matter.

Despite the two arrests, Mr Worboys said most people have behaved well at border crossings and “only a handful” have been turned back to Victoria.

He shared a message for border residents:

“Just because you get a permit because you’re a border resident, doesn’t mean it give you a free pass to travel across and through and effectively a holiday in NSW.

“It is really important that those people in those border communities understand the responsibilities that they have to their communities. If they have a permit to cross, to carry out that business, or work arrangement, or medical help, and then travel straight back to their home.”

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3aw drive