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‘I don’t know how she escaped’: Out of control truck crushes multiple cars in Melbourne’s north-east

A truck’s brakes failed while it was going up hill on Research-Warrandyte Road in North Warrandyte this morning.

The vehicle, which was reportedly heavily loaded, rolled back, crushing multiple cars in the busy road.

Karen saw the incident unfold.

“A lady’s car was completely crushed” she said.

“I don’t know how she escaped without getting hurt. She was trying to back down the road to get away from him, and as she backed down the road he hit her!

“It’s very busy in the morning, everyone goes to Eastlink through here, and he’s just lost his brakes and started coming down the hill and everybody is trying to escape from him.”

A second crushed vehicle knocked a tree down, bringing down power lines with it.

No one was injured in the dramatic accident.

Research-Warrandyte Road was closed to traffic for several hours following the incident.

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