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Two dead in Altona car crash


Two teenagers were killed in a fiery crash on the Princes Highway in Melbourne’s west last night.

The driver was an 18-year-old Yarraville boy who only earned his licence last week.

His passenger was a 16-year-old friend from Altona North.

They were travelling in a convoy of three cars to a New Year’s Eve party at Eildon.

The crash happened just before 11pm between Dohertys Road and Kororoit Creek Road at Altona.

It’s believed the driver had missed a turn and were receiving directions over the phone Geelong when it veered off the road and slammed into a tree.

It burst into flames on impact.

The driver and passenger died at the scene.

The state’s road toll now stands at 256, compared to 249 at the same time last year.

Australia’s national holiday road toll is now 25.

Sergeant Marty Wallace pleaded with drivers to stop of the deaths on our roads.

‘On this holiday period it’s very important people take care with their driving,’ he said.

‘A single or simple mistake can have dire consequences.’