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Two-man Tardio household: 3AW’s very own boomerang child

Well, not quite.

In fact 30-year-old Damian Tardio, 3AW Producer, never even moved out of his father Tony Tardio’s home.

The 3AW resident newsreader says despite his son’s lack of knowledge surrounding bin night, he’s pretty happy to share the home with his adult child.

“I guess I was wanting Damian not to worry about money,” says Tony Tardio.

“It’s not easy trying to pay rent and save money to buy a house.”

Damian says the two have a special bond and enjoy “keeping each other company and sharing good banter”.

“It’s not that I’ve ever wanted to leave home, it’s just been too comfortable at home,” Damian Tardio said.

But, the highlight of the duo’s chat with 3AW’s Tom Elliott was finding out Damian enjoys taking the mickey out of his work colleges at home.

From Tony Leonard and Nick McCallum to Tom Elliott himself, the Tardio junior surprised us with his impersonation.

Click PLAY below to catch the hilarious chat AND impersonations