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Two more aggravated burglaries in the west and south-east overnight


Neil Mitchell has revealed two more frightening aggravated burglaries in Melbourne’s west and south-eastern suburbs overnight.

“It’s two years ago yesterday that we first addressed the Apex gang issue, and I’m still giving you daily aggravated burglary updates,” Neil said.

“Caulfield South, home invasion, just after midnight, woman home alone in the house, wakes to find a man ransacking it, terrified.

“Footscray, 11 o’clock last night, two men of African appearance, armed with a baseball bat and a knife enter a house, man in the house has gone to hospital, upper body and facial injuries, knife wounds included.”

“It’s terrifying.”

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Victoria Police later confirmed the incidents with 3AW Mornings, after Neil mentioned both on-air.

In Caulfield, police say the victim was a 77-year-old woman, she was woken by a noise and fled her own home before calling police.

It’s believed the offender stole a small amount of cash before fleeing the Carlingford Street home.

He’s described as being short and thin, male, and was wearing dark clothing.

In Footscray investigators have been told two unknown male youths gained entry to an Empire Street home shortly before 11pm.

A man in his 20s who was home at the time was subsequently assaulted with an unknown item.

The pair then fled but it’s not yet known whether anything was taken.

It’s believed both youths are African in appearance.

Neil also mentioned the incident involving radio presenter Kate Langbroek, who was left bruised after an incident involving a man attempting to break down the front door of her St Kilda home.

“What the hell is going on?” Kate said yesterday.

“She’s nailed it,” Neil said.

Photo: Kate Langbroek, Twitter. She described the incident yesterday as a “crazed, violent, terrifying attack”.