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Two women went viral online: They’re the best + worst of this pandemic

Two Victorian women went viral online overnight.

“They are the best and worst of this pandemic,” Neil Mitchell said this morning.

First: The worst.


She’s a young woman who found it necessary to exercise her “freedom” by bullying her way through a checkpoint heading out of Melbourne’s lockdown area.

She was travelling with a friend when she refused to hand over any identification or reason for going through the checkpoint. The officer somewhat meekly gave up and let her through.

Eve, who hollered victoriously as she was let through, filmed the incident and published it online as though she was some sort of hero.

3AW has chosen not to publish nor share the video. Her selfish stupidity does not need any more oxygen beyond highlighting the type of bloody-minded lunacy authorities — and the rest of us — face in combating the pandemic.

Click PLAY to hear Neil Mitchell play some of it, and compare the two pieces of viral content

“This highlights the people problem we face,” Neil said.

“She said God was with her.

“If she really believed in God, I’m sure that all Gods might care about the people she was affecting with such a selfish and arrogant stunt.”

(Update: Later, video of another idiot, ‘James’, bullying his way through a checkpoint emerged online. Details below)

But then there’s the good.


She’s a nurse on the coronavirus front line has shared a powerful message for Victorians as the pandemic deepens.

A clinical nurse specialist at The Royal Melbourne Emergency Department, Abbey Fistrovic said the community has responded differently to the second wave of COVID-19, and it’s “disheartening”.

Ms Fistrovic made a video describing the conditions health workers are facing, and sent it to Premier Daniel Andrews.

She told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell why she made the video.

“Getting now to a second wave where we feel like we’ve kind of got back to square one, and seeing that my staff members are really struggling with exhaustion and fatigue, I don’t see as much community outcry in trying to fight this as the first time,” she said.

Press PLAY below for Abbey’s heartfelt video.

Press PLAY below for Abbey’s powerful interview with Neil Mitchell.

Later, video of another idiot bullying his way through a checkpoint emerged online.

Again, 3AW won’t publish it, but Neil Mitchell did address the matter this morning and played a snippet.