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Paramedic ‘gutted’ after two women who bashed him successfully appeal jail terms

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Two women who viciously bashed a paramedic in Melbourne’s north have successfully appealed jail terms.

It’s left the victim and paramedic union horrified.

Amanda Warren and Caris Underwood punched and kicked a paramedic as he worked on a patient at Reservoir in April, 2016.

They were initially jailed for four and eight months, respectively, but today successfully appealed the sentences.

“I’m gutted,” Paul Judd, who still hasn’t returned to work, told Tom Elliott.

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“I’m quite disgusted with the outcome,” Steve McGhie, Victorian secretary of the Ambulance Employees Australia Union, told 3AW Drive.

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County Court judge Barbara Cotterell told the hearing jail terms would achieve little.

Both managed to prove special reasons for avoiding mandatory terms of six months.

They’ve instead been ordered to serve community corrections orders.

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