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Uber angry: There’s an UberEats mystery in Scorcher’s apartment

Tensions are running high in Scorcher Davidson’s apartment building after the alleged theft of an UberEats delivery last night.

Ross and John’s producer found the below note posted in the apartment’s foyer this morning.

The angry resident claims someone nicked their food delivery in the four minutes it took them to come outside and retrieve it.

They say they’ve been given permission to access the building’s CCTV footage and will pursue police action unless $51 — the cost of the delivery — is left in their mailbox.

But Ross reckons the CCTV might show something else.

“I don’t think the food ever came,” he said.

Scorcher disagreed: “Never underestimate people’s capacity to be flogs,” he said.

UPDATE – upon learning of the great Uber Eats heist, the gang at Biggie Smalls sent Ross and John their own brekky kebabs.

Complete with the tagline, ‘worth stealing’.