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Uber drivers rally to fundraise after brutal bashing of fellow driver in Brighton


Uber drivers will rally to fundraise for a fellow driver who was brutally bashed in a carjacking in Brighton on Sunday morning.

Sayed Atman Shah was attacked by two masked men who pulled up in a car, threatened him with a knife and stole his Camry sedan.

Drivers will rattle tins at Uber headquarters today to raise money as he recovers from his injuries.

Fundraising organiser Bronwyn told 3AW Breakfast they wanted to support a colleague.

She said it wasn’t Uber’s responsibility to reimburse the driver, who had found himself in an incredibly difficult situation.

“It could happen to any of us, and it’s a very sad situation that he’s been left in the state he’s been left in,” she said.

Detectives are still looking for the light blue sedan with the registration IHA 8LK.

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