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Uber set to face massive class action law suit

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Uber is about to face a half a billion dollar law suit, the biggest class action since the Black Saturday bushfires.

It’s been simmering ever since the San Francisco-based riding sharing company hit town.

Melbourne’s taxi and hire car drivers will sue Uber, claiming their livelihoods have been stolen.

There’s already $20 million in the fighting fund, which is being bank rolled by a British litigation firm.

Cab and hire car drivers are chasing the losses they suffered before Uber was legalised.

They’ll also sue for damages.

If successful, the $500 million payout would be greater than the amount awarded to victims of Black Saturday.

Lizzie O’Shea from Maurice Blackburn told 3AW Breakfast they believed they had a winning case against Uber.

“We say Uber engaged in a conspiracy to enter the market and to behave unlawfully, that’s caused damage to people who were playing by the rules in the taxi and hire car industry.

“We are bringing the action in the Victorian Supreme Court.”

She said they were confident if they were successful, they get get the money back for those who had “suffered” in the industry.

“What we are asking people to do is register so that we know who is out here, what kind of losses they have suffered, and when they owned their licences or when they were driving,” she said.

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Ross and John