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Uber Victoria urging users to sign petition against $2 ridesharing levy

The Victorian division of ridesharing service Uber, has urged it’s users to sign a petition to lobby against the state government’s $2 rideshare levy.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, General Manager of Uber Victoria, Matt Denman, said there’s a lot of feeling in the community about the levy.

‘That went out (petition) at about 8am this morning, as we speak we’ve had about 37,000 signatures on that petition.’ he said.

Earlier this week, the Victorian state government introduced legislation to regulate rideshare services. A $2 per trip levy would be introduced to go towards funding a taxi compensation package.

READ HERE: Legislation introduced to regulate rideshare services.

Mr Denman also wants a discussion about the taxi compensation package.

‘We’re not necessarily for or against compensation, what we say is let’s have the facts on the table, let’s also look at alternatives.’ he said.

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