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UberEats, Deliveroo and Marvel Stadium come under fire from health officials

Tom Elliott says the “nanny state” is alive and well in Victoria.

Two stories grabbed the 3AW Drive host’s attention over the past few days.

Firstly, Marvel Stadium has come under fire from VicHealth for providing unhealthy food options at the football.

“People don’t want to eat healthy food at the football,” Tom Elliott said.

Secondly, Deliveroo and UberEats have been criticised over a “Couchfood” promotion with BP service stations.

It makes high-fat and high-sugar snacks such as potato chips, chocolate bars and soft drinks incredibly easy to get for app-users, who only need to leave their lounge chair to answer the door.

“They just move the food from A to B,” Tom Elliott said.

“It’s like saying Transurban, which owns toll roads in Melbourne, is at fault if a bank robber drives on a freeway.

“You put the road there and therefore the robber was able to drive on it.

“Everybody knows what junk food does to you, whether it’s at the football or on the sofa at home.

“If you choose to eat it, it’s on you.”

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Tom Elliott spoke with VicHealth about both matters on Monday afternoon.

“We’d love to see the AFL really step up and provide healthier food and drink items,” Kirstan Corben, Head of Programs at VicHealth, said.

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