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Under fire councillor hits back at explosive allegations

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A former mayor who’s been accused of allegedly accepting bribes from developers has fired back at those claims and denies he’s fled the country to avoid the anti-corruption watchdog.

Casey Councillor Sam Aziz, who’s currently in Egypt, told Neil Mitchell the accusations were “absolute nonsense”.

He said he was in Egypt on a “work assignment” and was hoping to return to Australia “as soon as possible”.

He said he didn’t even know the IBAC hearing was about the start.

“It’s an absolute travesty of justice that the media seems to have made an issue out of it when, clearly, I have a return ticket and IBAC was aware I was travelling and didn’t stop me from travelling,” Cr Aziz told Neil Mitchell.

“I’m absolutely shocked at some of the conclusions that have been reached.”

Cr Aziz has been accused of pocketing $900,000 from property developer John Woodman, or one of his entities.

“I would never accept it upon myself to receive a bribe,” Cr Aziz said.

“What I have done is acted in the best interests of my community.

“My record in terms of what has been delivered to the people of Casey speaks for itself.

“Casey is one of the best managed councils in the state, in terms of budget, outcomes and infrastructure.

“Planning matters are always grey matters – there’s never a black and white answer.”

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