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Underworld link to Thomastown body discovery


Purana Task Force detectives have located what is believed to be human remains at a property in Thomastown yesterday.

Though the remains are yet to be formally identified, the discovery serves as a major breakthrough in a long-running murder investigation as part of Melbourne’s gangland war.

Police were led to a scrap metal yard on Monday as part of the investigation into the disappearance of underworld figure Terrence Blewitt, who was last seen at Melton in April, 2004. 

Since his disappearance 11 years ago, it has long been assumed that Blewitt was murdered as he served as a potential witness.  

Neil Mitchell spoke with crime author Andrew Rule.

Mr Rule, who has long reported on Melbourne’s gangland war, said though Mr Blewitt was not a key underworld figure, he was a familiar one.

‘This is one of those fellows that’s always been around and about,’ Mr Rule told Neil Mitchell.

‘He was last seen stepping into a blue Hyundai out in Melton…never seen again. Clearly done away with.’

Detectives are also hoping the search will provide further evidence in relation to the murder of underworld figure Graham Kinniburgh.

A 55 year old man, who cannot be named, was charged in November last year with murder in relation to his 2003 death. 


Photo: Pat Mitchell 


Media at the Thomastown property  Photo: Pat Mitchell 

Listen in full to Andrew Rule talk to Neil Mitchell