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Union says journalists are ‘horrified’ and ‘terrified’ about Nine-Fairfax merger

The union representing journalists has called on share holders to reject the Nine-Fairfax merger, saying its members are ‘horrified’ at what it could mean for their integrity.

Marcus Strom, president of MEAA Media, told Tom Elliott they do not support the merger.

“People will have fewer and fewer sources to make informed decisions,” he said.

“We want to make sure they retain their views, editorially, so people have as many choices as possible.

“They’re (MEAA members) horrified what this could mean, and terrified of what it could mean for their jobs.”

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Tom Elliott however said he believed it to be a good deal for metro newspapers.

“It extends the life of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, it is a good deal for them,” he said.

“But there will be losses.

“A number of regional newspapers – I think there’s half a chance these will be sold off, Channel 9 has no interest in such things.”

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“Is it a merger? Is it a takeover? Well, it’s really a Nine takeover,” he said.

“This deal has been cobbled together in the past two and a half weeks, one might say a rushed negotiations.”