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Unique taco truck stolen from Torquay on Boxing Day

A taco truck made from an old horse float has been stolen.

The mobile food truck was stolen on Boxing Day and has left the owner scratching his head. 

Stuart Irwin is the owner of the truck, he tells 3AW’s Tony Jones that it’s very weird and he is disappointed. 

‘It’s pretty unique as far as food vans and food trucks go.’ 

Stuart usually has the van set up on a semi-permeant site on the main street of Torquay. 

Thieves stole the truck around before 10pm on Boxing Day.

They dismantled the structures on the front and sides of the van and towed it away behind a 4WD.

‘It would have taken them a good 20 minutes to deconstruct everything that’s in front of the van!’ Stuart tells 3AW Mornings.

Police are investigating and say it’s a very unusual kind of theft. 

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Taco truck stolen.

Taco truck stolen. Photo: Supplied